Canadian casino apps
The development of mobile technologies has significantly changed the industry of online gambling platforms. It is easy to find a casino app that will meet the demands of any modern gambler due to the wide variety of available choices. Most recent innovations from the advanced software providers allow launching functional and graphically attractive gambling activities on the screen of any mobile device. Even though there is still plenty of room for the development, online casinos take this as an opportunity of drawing the attention of new customers by providing the most appealing applications with additional features.

What is An Online Casino App

Some of you may be interested in the purpose of existing applications. It was in the beginning of the decade when the advanced optimization technologies have emerged to take online gambling to the screens of smartphones and tablets. The hardware of modern devices allows opening browser versions of the casino and even launch the majority of the games and slots. Why do we really need dedicated mobile apps in this case? The answer is in the higher versatility of the extensions and more convenient compatibility. The thing is that applications are created to be launched on specific devices running Android or IOS operating systems. Moreover, the developers try to optimize the interface and design so it fits the most popular models of the smartphones perfectly. Whereas the website only has general optimization that lacks versatility. Main features of downloadable casino applications:
  • Great compatibility with mobile devices and particular optimization; You can get access to gambling in one click on the icon instead of
  • opening the browser and searching for the casino’s website;
  • Uncut selection of games in casino apps;
  • Higher level of security with more convenient protection of the personal information;
  • The majority of these apps are completely free and do not claim additional charges.
We can recommend you to try using the downloadable application of the casino after you have already signed up on the website. In fact, both ways to gamble have their pros and cons and the best tip is to use them together. Eventually, you will be able to choose certain options depending on how and when you use the services of the platform.

Why Play on a Mobile Device?

There is no doubt in the statement that people tend to spend more time with their smartphone even more than staring at the screen of the computer. In most cases, gamblers spend time watching or reading some content about casinos when they want to play but have no access to their computer. For the majority of advanced players it is more than just a hobby or way to waste some spare time. If you understand how to make the gambling experience profitable, you will find yourself spending more time on investigating new available options. That is why installing a dedicated application is a good idea. Casino apps provide not only the access to the full-fledged gambling activities but also allow tracking the progress and status of your bets and make fast decisions. Moreover, you can also use the program to withdraw your winning right on the go as well as top up your account whenever you want. This makes a world of a difference for amateur gamblers too. Considering the fact that software developers create these apps for mobile devices, you will not find any difficulties with using a touch screen to navigate through the casino. Moreover, the slots and games themselves always look better on smaller screens with more vibrant colors and higher pixel density. Good news is that the design of the games also perfectly fits for the screen ratio of the mobile devices. Another impressive fact is that these applications support such demanding gambling activities as 3D slots or even live dealer games. Those, who consider mobile gambling limiting, do not understand that it actually opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Best Online Casino Apps For Canadians

Even though it is virtually impossible to identify the ultimate option of the best casino app that will suit everyone, we will provide some viable variants. When it comes to the applications, there are some standards as well as for the gambling websites. Developers of the casinos constantly try to improve their solutions to be able to stay relevant and competitive on the fast-expanding market. We recommend considering these features of the casino before choosing it:
  • The availability of the wide selection of games that corresponds to the website version of the casino;
  • The application has to be free to download and install;
  • Good reviews from the users is the good sign of the viability of the app;
  • Investigate the screenshots of the application that are displayed in the Play Market or AppStore to understand if you like the design and look of it;
  • Make your final decision carefully and take your own preferences into account because at the end of the day they are what is really important.

Casino Game Apps Compatibility

One of the key factors in choosing a mobile casino application is how smooth it will work on your device. Nobody likes freezes and glitches that can occur as a consequence of the poor compatibility of the program. It means that the device has to comply with system requirements and the app itself has to have good optimization. Bad news is that in most cases you will not be able to find out about the compatibility of the extension without downloading and installing it. That is why it is essential to make your own investigation and read similar reviews of the independent experts or look through the comments of users.
Android app casino


The Android operating system is arguably the most challenging platform for the software developers. The main reason for that is the enormous number of different devices with hardware ranging from top-tier processors to poor-performing ones. While it is fairly easy to create an app that will run smoothly on the top-notch smartphones, the real challenge is in providing the best casino app for Android devices. Good news is that if your phone is equipped with a mid-range processor or higher, you will not find trouble launching any casino application. In addition to this, the variety of apps for the devices on this operating system is also wider. Users of Android smartphones can choose from hundreds of different options that meet the needs of any gambler.
iphone app casino


As for the IOS users, the issues with compatibility is not something they have to deal with. It does not mean that it is better to buy an iPhone to gamble online, the thing is in the ecosystem itself. Unlike Android-devices manufacturers, Apple annually brings only a few new smartphones and tablets to the market. It means that instead of optimizing an application for thousands of devices with such significant differences in performance capabilities developers can focus on polishing it for a couple of new iPhones that have quite similar hardware. The selection of apps for the casinos in the AppStore might be less impressive, than one in the Play Market. However, you will definitely find few decent solutions that will work.
tablet app casino

Tablet/iPad Casino Apps

Casino app software developers also do not forget about tablets and iPads that can be even better platforms for mobile gambling. Bigger screens provide more space for the interface and allow making the control system much more convenient. Tablets are the perfect middle ground between computer and smartphone gambling.

Installing A Casino App

To give this article more practical value we will provide a brief guide on how to install the casino application properly. It is important to follow every step carefully especially if you only begin getting into online gambling activities.

Download The App

After finding the most appealing application that has all the features you think you will need, you have to download it. While it might be obvious for some users, others may not be familiar with the importance of using only the AppStore or Play Market to download applications. In fact, some of the casinos provide the links on their website that also lead to the official and safe software platforms. Using third-party websites or downloading the APK files of the application from the unknown sources might cause data losses and virus infections.

Installation & Open Application

It is essential to wait for the complete download of the application to install it properly. The time of the installation process usually depends on the performance capabilities of the device. Considering the fact that casino apps have small weight it will take from 2 to 4 minutes for the device to unpack and install the files of the program on average.

Sign Up & Open An Account

While you can use the application to create your first account, it is recommended to do it via the official website of the casino. Thus, the process will not take too long and it might be more convenient to use the actual keyboard to type in the information. The process of signing up to the online gambling platform is straightforward and does not require a lot of time. In fact, you only need to fill the blank spaces with your personal data. Remember about your privacy to ensure that you will not lose any sensitive information. We recommend using the VPN while creating an account to secure the internet connection if it is possible.

Verify Your Account

The last but not the least important step is verification of the account. It is impossible to finish the process of registration without confirming that you are actually the person who obtains the email address or the phone number you wrote. There are multiple different ways to verify the account, depending on the website but the most common one is opening an email with the following instruction. Do not worry, casino apps require your email address only to make your experience better. You will receive all the updates and messages about the status of your payments if you enable this feature. Steps you should do to verify the account via email address:
  • Enter your mailbox and check the incoming letter from the casino you are applying to. If there are no emails from the platform, check the “Spam” folder of the mailbox. Sometimes the verification letters might be treated as spam;
  • Open the letter and confirm your identity by pressing the corresponding button or opening the link in it; Finish the process of registration and enter your new account to gamble.

How To Claim Bonuses At Online Casino App

One of the things that is similar with amateur and professional gamblers is the desire to get the most beneficial offers. In fact, one of the most common tools for any modern casino in drawing the interest of new clients is a well-though bonus system. Promotions campaigns can help any player to boost the profit from the gambling and make the overall experience more pleasant. Everyone likes to get bonuses, and casino developers know that fact for sure. We will talk about the most common bonuses and easiest ways to get them.
Welcome bonus

Welcome offer

A sign up bonus is the promotion that every newcomer can claim from the start. It usually allows multiplying the amount of first deposit or gives the gambler free spins for some slots. The best thing is that every modern online casino provides this bonus. Even though the process of claiming and applying the promotion might differ depending on the platform, in general, the process is usually similar everywhere. Sometimes the application automatically applies the bonus right after registration and in other cases, the player has to enter a special promo code. The most important tip is to read the description of every bonus to understand how you can get it. In addition to that, you should take into account that a welcome bonus is not permanent and the offer might expire within a particular period if you do not activate it.
Welcome bonus

Free spins

You can also expect to get bonus spins from the special promotion campaign of the casino. Gambling from the mobile device is not an exception, so you need to be ready to claim the beneficial offers as soon as possible. Bonus spins allow playing games and slots without wagering any real money. Even though it eliminates all the risks, you do not lose the opportunity of winning. However, there is always a condition that you have to wager the winning from free spins a particular amount of times to be able to withdraw it. It is essential to investigate conditions of the casino you choose in the “Promotions” tab, where you can find every available offer.
Welcome bonus

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus is not that common at any casino app, but you still can claim it at some gambling platforms. Its main feature is that it allows getting access to the gambling activities of the application without depositing any money. This might be the perfect promotion for any amateur gambler. You can get a better understanding of the slots’ mechanics without risking any money.

Payment Options

One of the key features of any appropriate online gambling platform is the availability of multiple payment methods and a well-thought banking system. Gambling can be profitable, if you are lucky enough, so you want to be able to deposit and withdraw money without any problems. The great thing about mobile casino applications is that you can easily use them together with internet banking apps to make the payment process even more convenient. In addition to this, most modern smartphones and tablets have progressive security measures and methods like Touch ID or Face ID. It is much faster to prove your identity with the fingerprint sensor than by entering multiple passwords. Some of the most common payment options the application should provide:
  • Internet banking services;
  • Credit and Debit cards;
  • Neteller;
  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency;
  • PayPal services;
  • WebMoney.
These are only few of the possible available payment options that the application has to have. Some of them, like cryptocurrency, are not implemented by the majority of the online casino, which can be a bummer for some progressive users. Moreover, it is essential to check for the trustworthiness of the casino application before depositing any money to avoid undesirable consequences. As for the time that money operations require, it depends on the methods you choose and the casino itself. Cashouts should not take more than 48 hours. Remember, that some of the gambling platforms charge additional fees for money transfers in presents from the sum of the transfer.

Online Casino Apps – Advantages And Disadvantages

At this point you should already have a basic understanding of the casino applications and whether you need one or not. However, it is also important to outline the main advantages and disadvantages of them in one list to be able to make the final decision. It is important to say that some of the points are quite subjective and personal preferences play an essential role in the decision-making process. The main advantages of the mobile casino apps:
You do not need your desktop computer to get access to the variety of gambling activities.
You can gamble on the go, regardless of your location.
Casino applications do not take much of the device’s storage and have fairly minimal hardware requirements.
Gambling applications are free so you can always install one to check its features without losing any money.
You can use an application with the website version of the website.
Allows keeping track of the payment operations status whenever you need it.
You can deposit and withdraw money when you want because you have direct access to the casino through your mobile device.
Great functionality of the casino slots and games due to the advanced optimization and compatibility of the applications.
Some of the disadvantages include
Website version of the casino sometimes can completely replace the dedicated application due to the performance capabilities of the modern smartphones and optimization.
Poor-performing devices will not be able to run the apps smoothly.
The selection of games is usually wider in the desktop version of the casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Site Or An App Better For Mobile Play?
Every gambler chooses the right answer for him- or herself. It is important to understand personal demands of the particular player to recommend the best option.
Will I Still Have Access To Online Casino Bonuses?
Of course, you will have the opportunity of getting casino bonuses and promotions. The policy of the casino does not depend on the platform you are using, so if the casino has beneficial offers on the website, it will have it in the application too.
Which Games Are Popular For Mobile & Tablet Play?
Mobile gamblers prefer games that do not require complicated controls or high engagement. The most common choices are slots and roulettes of different types.
Are Casino Apps Safe?
If you use official sources to download the application from the casino, you can be sure about the safety of it.
Can I Make Real Money With Online Casino Apps?
Your gambling can be profitable with the mobile application. There is no difference in the amount of winnings on various platforms.