Classic Slots in Canada
Time flies, tastes change, and something that was fresh and trendy yesterday becomes a good old classic today. A ‘67 Camaro is a bicycle compared to a 2021 one, but you probably wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin, right? The same goes for casino games. Modern pokies are a far cry from old ones, offering extra reels, dozens of combinations, all sorts of multipliers, and more. And yet classic slots are still played and loved by millions of fans around the globe despite their simplistic designs and monotonous gameplay.
What’s the secret? A game doesn’t need to be a graphical masterpiece to win hearts and minds. And simplicity is often what makes a title so addictive. After all, the first game console was just a black-&-white pong with two lines and one dot flying around the screen. And a jackpot is always a jackpot, no matter where you hit it. So, whether you’re a long-term fan of traditional pokies or want to take a peek at how online gambling looked back in the day, our guide will point you in the right direction.

Top Free Classic Slots for Canadian Players

Delve into the atmosphere of early 20th-century casinos with bulky, noisy slot machines wrapped in the clouds of cigar smoke. Three reels and one button is all you need for an outstanding gambling experience. One line, one combination, and three symbols stand between you and the jackpot. Check out our top pick for classic one-armed bandits on the Canadian gambling market and start playing today!

Basics of Classic Slots

All classic pokies have a few common features. The first one is the design: for the most part, you’ll be dealing with three-reel games, where the playing field looks like three columns and three lines, forming nine playing cells. Each reel has three symbols, and one to five pay lines are used during the game. Naturally, getting a winning combination when the conditions are so simple is much easier than on modern pokies, boosting your chances.
The second feature is a set of symbols with their own history that dates back more than a hundred years:
  • bells classic slotBells – a reference to the first slot machines developed by Charles Fey called Liberty Bell;
  • Sevens classic slotsSevens – a symbol of good luck popular in Western culture;
  • bar synbol slotsBAR – images consisting of one, two, or three blocks. The overall look of the symbol refers to the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company, which released the first-ever fruit slot machines;
  • Fruit slotsFruit images (cherries, watermelons, etc.) – a tribute to the first fruit machines that dispensed chewing gum;
  • cards classic slotsPlaying cards – a reference to the first poker slots.
The list goes on, with horseshoes, diamonds, stars, and other classic images that symbolize wealth, luck, and freedom. The most valuable ones are often sevens, which is why classic machines are sometimes called “sevens.”
The third one is a set of bonus features, which differs from the options modern best slots offer. Extra features include reels hold, respins, and wild symbols. Scatters are extremely rare; typically, this bonus symbol is used in five-reel slots.

Why Do Casino Players Prefer Classic Slots

A decent portion of punters prefers casinos with classic slots because they’re trouble-free and don’t require heavy thinking and memorizing. Just sit back, relax, and keep those reels spinning, gradually stacking up your winnings. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, and the graphics are simple enough to run pokies on any device. Overall classic games fit perfectly for thrill-seekers hungry for entertainment and leisure with zero effort.

How They Differ From Other Casino Games

The major difference would be their simplicity – using the words “strategy” and “classic slots” together would be somewhat of a misnomer. Unlike some live games, like poker, it doesn’t take long to figure them out. Next comes their unique charm that grabs your attention from the first seconds and never lets go. In terms of technical capabilities, there are five features setting them apart.
netent video slots

Number of Paylines

Another thing that makes classic slots simply distinguishable is their plain combinations – the main reason why the pokies are trouble-free to play. Besides, all types of combinations usually involve only one pay line, meaning that the user only needs to match three-five signs on a horizontal line to get cash. It would be a nice idea to mention several exceptions to this rule, as some venues promote slots with as many as ten pay lines.
Imagery and Themes

Imagery and Themes

You’ll rarely see something apart from lemons, cherries, lucky sevens, bells, bars, diamonds, and other iconic pictures in contrast to modern titles where every symbol is unique.
Special Features classic slots

Special Features

There’s not much special about this type of pokies, and that’s what sets them apart. You see, modern-day games boast a huge variety of fancy gimmicks to grab the user’s attention, which seems like overkill for some gamblers. Old-school games offer an alternative, requiring minimal skill level.
Bonus Rounds

Bonus Rounds

Again, contrary to conventional slots, classic ones rarely feature bonus games, but those that do are quite basic. There are simple guessing games with real money prizes or multipliers.
Classic Jackpots


Contrary to newer slots with prize pools reaching millions, the older ones aren’t so generous. On the other hand, with a much smaller playing field, the chances of hitting a jackpot when playing an older game are actually higher, albeit the prize won’t be that impressive. But hey, do a couple of hundred thousand bucks seem like a little reward for you?

How to Play Classic Slots and Win

Like we said before, building strategies isn’t about this type of game. But if you’re one of those never-give-up players who seek any opportunity to tip the odds in their favor, we might have a few tips for you.
  • Stick to the games offering the highest RTP rates. These pokies will return more for every dollar spent on them. Check our ratings for the most lucrative options.
  • Check the slot’s history and read a few reviews.
  • Take advantage of the bonuses – there are often great promotions surrounding classic pokies.
And now let’s tackle gameplay and how you can benefit from it.

Play For the Lowest Coin Amount that You Can Find

In case you don’t know what that is, let us explain – online slots allow you to set the value of coins you bet. But doesn’t this mean that the less I bet, the less I get? That’s right, to grab the maximum prize, the stakes should be at their highest as well. The thing is no one knows when luck will finally smile on you, but what we know for sure is that it won’t smile at all if you run out of cash. So try to be more restrained at first.

Set Limits for Each Playing Session

Speaking of being restrained, draining your account in one run isn’t the smartest idea. Sure, you can spend as much as you wish, but you’ll see much better results once your budget is divided into short sessions or different slots. Remember, you are in control, not some pokie that keeps eating up your deposits.

Try the Games in Free-To-Play Mode

The more time you spend playing, the more experience you gain – it’s pretty obvious. But nobody says you should practice with real cash; switch to the free mode and play free classic slots for days, weeks, or months straight – until you’re sure you’re ready for real-money gambling. Lots of fun and no losses!

Which Classic Slot Games Pay Out the Most?

When choosing a classic pokie, the hardest task is not to get lost in the variety. There are hundreds of titles all over the Web, but only a few of them are worth trying out. Which ones? The highest paying, of course! You’re looking for games with a high RTP (Return to Player) rate. We’ll talk more about it below; all you should know now is that this rate tells how much the game will pay out. With this in mind, we’ve collected a few highest paying slots:
  1. 777 (RTP: 97%). That’s the game you picture when thinking of good old one-armed bandits with classic symbols. You won’t find any bonus features here, only pure gambling. The main advantage of this game is one of the highest payouts ever and a hefty progressive jackpot to boot.
  2. Total Overdrive (RTP: 96.90%). It would be criminal not to mention this one. First off, it features a wild symbol and multipliers. And a cherry on top is a huge RTP that makes punters come for more after each session. Apart from that, the slot is quite popular, so you’ll have no problem finding it on your favorite website. Be sure to give it a try.
  3. Cosmic Cat (RTP: 96.5%). It’s even funny that three reels, a couple of symbols, and only one active line can be so addictive. Unlike other classic pokies that stick to that distinctive design, Cosmic Cat follows its own path, with cheerful cats-astronauts and space mice, which also serve as wild symbols, by the way. Good news for mobile gamblers – the slot runs perfectly on any device.
  4. Random Runner (RTP: 95.15%). There’s only one active line in the game. Two or three identical symbols in the line form a prize combination. The Cherry symbol pays out even if there’s only one in the line. The Crown pays as a scatter. The amount of the winnings depends on the bet. In the basic game, you can wager from 0.01 to 2.00 credits. You can also use the Hold option, stopping up to two reels and making the most profitable respin. The outcome of the game depends on your choice. If it turns out to be successful, you’ll get a decent prize. Every time you get a win in the main game, you can switch to the Super Meter mode on the upper reels, betting up to 10 credits per spin.
  5. Sevens and Bars (RTP: 95%). Although it doesn’t have any of the features one can find in modern video slots, satisfactory sounds, and addictive design will make sure you stick around for a while. The rules are very simple. Just press the “Spin” button and wait for the winning combination to appear. Your total winnings consist of the coins you earned multiplied by your total bet. You’re free to change the number of coins and their value to customize your game. Besides that, the slot has the Max Bet and Autospin features.

How to Pick a Good Classic Slot Game

There are a few aspects to consider when choosing a perfect classic slot. Start with asking yourself a few questions:
  • Are you prone to risks?
  • Are you planning to spend big?
  • How long are you going to spend playing daily?
If you’re an impulsive kind and don’t plan to play for long, opt for pokies with smaller bets. Your best choice would be a classic casino slot that returns modest winnings but triggers winning combinations much more often. Gamblers who can’t survive long droughts usually quit before hitting a lucrative combination, losing all their deposits.
Patient punters are more into classic slots with rare, though usually more generous, prizes. Look for pokies that tend to offer occasional high priced win lines. Bonus features are secondary in this case, but if you manage to find a high-bet slot with several goodies like wild symbols, consider yourself lucky.
Apart from your personality characteristics, there are also more practical factors that affect your choice.

Your Gambling Experience

How long have you been playing? Do you know the main strategies? Are you familiar with the basics of slot games? It would be nice if you answered yes to all these questions, but it’s OK if you’re a newbie. Classic pokies are quite loyal to beginners.

Your Budget

You must clearly know how much you can spend without damaging your financial well-being. So, before embarking on a quest to find an ultimate slot, decide on how much you’re going to spend, and when the budget is drained, call it a day. Keep in mind, if you’re not careful, you might find yourself digging into Junior’s college fund or worse.


The higher the RTP (Return to Player), the more money will return to you. For instance, playing a game with an RTP of around 95%, for every 10 CAD bet, you’ll certainly get 9.5 CAD back. Any slot payout percentage above 96% is great.

Pros & Cons of Playing Classic Slots Online

Similar to other games, old-school pokies have a plethora of benefits.

Pros And Cons Of The Casino

Decent welcome bonuses and easy jackpots;
Take no time to figure out and feature several extra features, like reel holds, respins, and more;
Run games on almost any device and enjoy a smooth gambling experience;
You can play slots without WIFI or the internet. Free mode is available at any time.
Fewer titles to choose from;
Poor graphics compared to modern pokies;
The gameplay lacks variation.

Final Thoughts

All in all, finding a decent classic slot isn’t much of a problem if you know what to look for. However, good expert advice wouldn’t hurt, so feel free to give those slots from our list a try. Always keep an eye out for more info on gambling forums and articles.
And one last thing. When playing slots, make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities the game provides, like:
  • Coin denomination. Pokies offering high denomination often pay out a lot, giving you a better chance of winning bigger and more frequently. And if you can’t afford to lose large sums, simply stick to lower denomination options.
  • Additional pay lines. Some five-reel slots have more than one classic pay line that can be unlocked by betting more coins. And betting the maximum number of coins a game may seem like a good idea, as this potentially increases payouts. However, you might want to play fewer win lines with an increased bet per line instead of betting extra coins. Betting one coin worth 1 CAD on one line will eventually bring you more than betting three coins worth 0.1 CAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Classic Slots Work?
The basic principles are the same as in modern ones. You choose the bet amount and hit the button to get the reel spinning. The game’s random number generator calculates the result. The only difference is the number of active lines.
Are Classic Slots Better Than Video Slots?
That depends on how you look at them. Video pokies offer much more variety in terms of combinations, while classic ones are way simpler. On the other hand, the latter are easier to get started with, so the choice is yours.
Which Classic Slots Pay Out the Most?
It’s always a matter of RTP. The higher the percentage, the more you’ll be able to get from a game. The best classic slot is the one that offers around 96-97%.