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It is almost unimaginable that it all started in 1898 when a San Francisco mechanician Charles August Fey contrived the first prize machine with three reels, one level aside, and a promising jackpot of 50 cents.
Modern gamers as we are, we seek a bit more sophisticated joy. Video Slots together with the iGambling industry have evolved so that today we have every right to search for Free Video Slots to play on a desktop, on the sofa, or on route with our phone in hand, with no download or to be installed. We expect our Free Video Slots to go with Bonus Games and other Extras.

Top Free Video Slots Online in Canada

Slots are rightly seen as the top sought-after casino games. Since demand determines supply, game developers vie with each other in producing more and more slots applying to them more and more features. As many as thousands of them can be played online free of charge nearly in every spot on the globe. No matter how strict Canada Gambling Regulations are, Canadian gamers are among those lucky people. It is all the more true because they can also factor in this review of the Top Free Video Slots available in Canada.

What Are Video Slots

Roughly speaking, Video Slots still are the same old slot machines dating back to those times when the mere word ‘Internet’ would mystify most of the public. The aim of the game is to gain the winning symbol combination as before. Of course, in today’s online slots, one does not press the level or put their money into the bill validator. The play takes place on the video screen and all the tools are computer buttons.
Apart from this, modern Video Slots have nothing to do with their progenitors. Since we have all those Internet technologies, today’s best casino sites are able to offer us terrific quality graphics, tunes, and storylines as the main constituents of a video slot. Moreover, providers tend to intersperse their products with additional features to encourage gamers and give them more excitement. This includes extra rounds, in-game chat, etc.

How Do Online Slots Actually Work

Initially, as long as you are prone to play for fun, there exist three modes for you:
  • to pitch upon Free Online Video Slots proper
  • to pick out the demo versions of Video Slots designed to be played for cash
  • to play specific Video Slots having obtained a No Deposit Bonus with the help of exclusive promo codes
Although being for fun only, a free video slot possesses one or several paylines to wager coins on and 5+ reels. You push the starting button and thus rotate the reels displayed on the video screen. They will stop at one point and the symbols arranged on the pay line at the middle of the screen – or on more paylines – will say whether you win or lose. If they coincide, you have won. Lots of the free slots feature a progressive jackpot, too. The only sad news is that you cannot get the payout since your play is for fun.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Not the last thing to ponder on is how these reels actually stop or what defines that they stop at this certain moment. Thus, we touch upon the notion of the so-called Random Number Generator the proper work of which determines the fairness of these games.
An RNG implements the function of a human dealer of an on-land gambling house. Depending on a game, it shuffles the deck and deals out the cards, and finally defines at which moment the slot reels will stop and which combination you will see on the payline. The key task for an RNG is to make the whole event indeed random so that the playing is actually the game of chance, without any scam.

Understanding House Edge

If RNG is about fairness, RTP defines the casino’s generosity. It depends on a game, too. Return To Player – this is the abbreviation expansion – represents the opposite of the House Edge and displays the percentage of the winning the gamer earns. More precisely, this metric displays how much the gamer wins for every currency unit they wager.
Or, the House Edge represents the percentage of the win the casino holds to itself. This amount is the very benefit an e-casino gains. If compared with other games, Slots’ RTP is a bit lower. It is natural as games like Poker require certain strategy knowledge while with video slots you do nothing but take a chance on. On average, Slots House Edge equals 3%-20%, which means, the RTP lies here within the frame of 80%-97%.
Then, one more metric to bear in mind might be the casino’s odds on a game. In plain language, it shows the number of winning chances. This number is calculated proceeding from all possible outcomes in the video slot. Thus, odds are a ratio between the win outcomes and non-win outcomes. Slot odds are varied and conditional on the type.

What Makes Good Video Slots

Which way do gamers define good or bad Video Slots casinos deliver for trying free of charge? Chances they measure slot goodness in good vibes the slot ignites in them. However, emotions arise not out of nowhere. To produce an exciting item for us, the game developer ought to back its creativity with cutting-edge technologies and complementary perks like Demo Versions, Free Rounds and Spins. etc.
Observe the key factors that were taken into account while compiling our top-ranked apps’ lists.
bonus videoslots

Bonus Games

Top providers tend to supply their products with extra features to keep gamers’ enthusiasm alive. This includes additional mini-games that often have their separate storyline. A tremendous thing about them is that you are actually able to win real money on them. There exist operators that deliver absolutely free Video Slots with Bonus Games to play in Canada and these games are already on the above list!
Theme And Immersion videoslots

Theme And Immersion

Quite a lot of modern Video slots start with an opening movie that presents you with the story inscribed into the slot. Thus, the slot theme can have a specific story behind itself. In particular, it may represent a quest or an investigation. Top providers like Microgaming or Netent can entertain with Branded Video Slots the theme of which is linked to a famous film or series, to celebrities, their TV shows, and so on.
Game Mechanics video slots

Game Mechanics

Video Slots online peculiarities are that you only push the buttons and the whole deal takes place on your screen. The reels rotate till the RNG stops them at a random moment. Your task is to collect the identical symbols on your paylines. Seems primitive? However, those are the #1 games in popularity among gamers. The reason is in the great game diversity and excellent quality. Modern Video Slots vary in reels number – there might be at least 5 of them – as well as in a pay line number. Some of them will have over a hundred! Yet the most significant elements here are graphics, sounds, terrific animation that goes with the winning payline, etc.

How To Play

There exist two modes to play at an e-casino – for real cash or for fun only. In any event, most casinos provide you with real money and free Video Slots that need no download. However, some may promote the use of a downloadable app. When you wish to start gaming for free at once, here are several tips for you.

Visit A Casino’s Website

Your decision on an e-casino should be for a reason. It should be reputable and present quality content. Opt for casinos offering free Video Slots that demand no download or registration. These are top-ranked gambling operators that intend to afford the maximum opportunity to try gambling for free and grab more skills before you probably engage yourself with real cash gaming.

Select Your Favorite Game

The very game you seek can have specific features. Let us say, you can try such top branded items as Games of Thrones or Immortal Romance if you wish it to show a striking storyline. If Bonus Rounds are on your mind, opt for Avalon II, Guns’N’Roses, or Jurassic Park. When looking for extra features like increasing multipliers, expanding symbols, progressive jackpots, click on Book Of Dead, Gonzo’s Quest, and surely Mega Moolah. Free Spins are to search for in such titles as Buffalo Blitz (up to 100!), Book of Oz, or Viking Go Berzerk.

Play And Win

The incredible news is that you still can win real money even playing for free. What makes it possible? Of course, these are Free Spins. Lots of casinos deliver them to play several of their hottest Video Slots. They can also supply you with a No Deposit Bonus – not a big amount of cash but a big chance to win.

Video Slots vs. Classic Slots

It’s a question of taste whether to opt for modern Video Slots or for Classic Fruit Machines. Surely, the latter are equipped with only 3 reels, so the winning chances might be bigger. Still, modern variants possess more paylines – thus promising higher payout – and are more fascinating thanks to themes, excellent video and audio quality, stunning extra features, etc.

Free Video Slots On Mobile Devices

One more great news is that Free Video Slots for fun only are waiting for you to play them on whatever device. iGambling has taken a swift stride into the mobile world and has made great progress. Today, all mobile slots are completely adjustable. Therefore, they fit the screen of an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. So, your mobile gaming experience promises to be really hot.

The Best Software Providers

Another approach to selecting slot favorites is by their developer. Some of them have established such a strong reputation in iGambling so the name alone makes their titles top sought-after. Their software is fully certified which actually makes the difference. When a casino partners with any of the below-listed providers, there is no doubt that it is a reliable one and its offers deserve your attention.
netent video slots


Each of 350+ games of NetEnt – one more titan with decades of experience – is unique. Among them, we can see branded titles created in collaboration with Universal, 20th Century Fox, etc. You will find such music wonders as Guns’n’Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motorhead in NetEnt’s profile. Add to them items like South Park, Dead or Alive, Gordon Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen and you will understand what fascinating provider it is.
microgaming video slots


This is one of such reputable game providers. It has been on the market for over 25 years and to a certain extent has determined the industry’s look. Many e-casinos prefer to partner only with this extra-class developer. Its profile consists of 850+ titles as yet and is replenished with new ones regularly. Microgaming Slots have free demos, runs failsafe on mobile gadgets, and represent high-quality masterpieces. You may opt for Microgaming’s Games of Thrones, Thunderstruck II, etc.
Playtech video slots


This developer also has long-term experience of producing top-quality items – some of them in partnership with Warner Bros. Its best products are the Age of the Gods series, Fantastic Four, Superman II, etc. Such Video Slots as Helloween Fortune or Captain Treasure make up Playtech’s 100% free of charge game collection.

The Advantages Of Online Video Slots

Casino games library goes beyond Slots, but this category has exclusive features that make it the #1 choice for the majority of gamers. Even Poker cannot beat them in popularity these days. Video Slots’ key Pro-features include:

Unlimited Variety

Not a game category can be compared with Video Slots in diversity. The latter differ in many factors – themes, reels and paylines numbers, Bonus Rounds, Multipliers, and many other features distinguish them. The only thing that unites Video Slots is their top quality.

Multiple Paylines

While the good old 3-reel fruit machine possesses 1, 3, or 5 paylines, Video Slots are provided with 9, 15, 25, and sometimes even 1024! Mind that more paylines can significantly multiply your winning chances.

Ease of Play

Practically, you can wade into Video Slots simply as we speak. You do not have to master your knowledge beforehand. Slots will be easy to learn just as the play progresses, so you can explore them and enjoy them at the same time.

Highly-Engaging Experience

Thanks to their themed structures and excellent quality, Video Slots are very captivating. We must admit, some of them seem to be even addictive. Once started, any Video Slot keeps you in suspense till the end.


Video Slots are casino games that are open to play for free. Top providers offer extra-quality samples of them supplied with multiple features designed to entertain the gamer to the max. Lots of top-ranked casinos deliver free Video Slots accessible with no download or registration. Most of them will run well on your mobile.
When asking about the cons of Video Slots, it is a heavy task to imagine any. The only possible drawback is that you sometimes simply cannot stop playing them. However, being part of Responsible Gaming programs, the top developers from this review have seen about providing their slots with a self-exclusion mechanism. So, when you cross the red line, your Video Slot might stop itself and suggest taking a break.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Video Slots?
Put it crudely, Video Slots are similar to the traditional one-armed bandit unit. Now you play them on a video screen. Top-class quality of graphics and tunes, various themes, immense Bonus Rounds, and other terrific features distinguish them from their progenitors.
How Do Video Slots Work?
The gamer wagers on paylines and pushes the button to rotate the reels. The RNG ensures that they stop randomly displaying a certain symbol combination on the paylines. If they coincide, you are the winner!
What Are The Most Popular Video Slots?
This is incredibly hard to say which Video Slots are the best as it depends on a gamer. We would single out such titles as Mega Fortune, Wizard of Oz, or Thunderstruck II, but your personal top can be quite different. And it’s quite OK.